Consider moving fakefs to its own repository


first of all I don’t want to put any additional burden on any of you guys, neither for moving the code to its own repo or even worse to maintain the integration with syncthing, so feel free to trash this request. Also let me know if you prefer this conversation moved to github.

I was looking at fakefs.go (and fakefs_test,go) and I was thinking that the code would be useful more in general for testing code that talks to the FS, at least I would find it useful :slight_smile:

As such, I wanted to ask if you would consider moving the code to its own repo.



I’d rather not. Having it external makes any update a multi step operation, and it’s also not something I want to maintain for general purposes. It only supports a limited set of operations that we need.

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I understand. Thanks anyway.

You can still use it by importing "". You do get some other functionality you might not be interested in, but for testing that should hardly matter. And if you want to include the code in a project, you can by complying with MPL.

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Ah yes! I didn’t consider that I could import only a subdirectory!