connection reset by peer 1.0.1

My setup:

Syncthing v.1.0.1, macOs 64 bit (under syncthing bar) as an Introducer. At home is a Raspberry Pi 3b+ running 1.0.1, as a receive-only for my backup.

The router is set to forward everything coming from outside on tcp port 22000 to the raspberry, so this port is “exposed” to the outside with the outside ip address (UPnP is not possible here).

Both are on the same VPN as well.

On the mac, I get the Raspberry recently as “disconnected”, and on the logs, I get:

2019-02-05 19:58:00 Connection to XXXXX at closed: reading length: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

On the Raspberry, the logs show only:

=============== Feb 5, 2019 (CET) =============== 19:58:51.686666 log@legend F·NumFile S·FileSize N·Entry C·BadEntry B·BadBlock Ke·KeyError D·DroppedEntry L·Level Q·SeqNum T·TimeElapsed 19:58:51.698373 version@stat F·[3 58 507 141] S·1GiB[6MiB 97MiB 999MiB 253MiB] Sc·[0.75 0.98 1.00 0.03] 19:58:51.699357 db@open opening 19:58:51.709210 journal@recovery F·1 19:58:51.718403 journal@recovery recovering @ 194553 19:58:51.723058 memdb@flush created L0@ 194556 N·6 S·354B “\x03TM…een,v49846242”:"\x04zi…can,v49846239" 19:58:51.732640 version@stat F·[4 58 507 141] S·1GiB[6MiB 97MiB 999MiB 253MiB] Sc·[1.00 0.98 1.00 0.03] 19:58:51.827963 db@janitor F·712 G·0 19:58:51.828142 db@open done T·128.724056ms 19:58:51.828850 table@compaction L0·1 -> L1·1 S·708B Q·49846243 19:58:51.835182 table@build created L1@194559 N·6 S·354B “\x03TM…een,v49846242”:"\x04zi…can,v49846239" 19:58:51.836016 version@stat F·[3 58 507 141] S·1GiB[6MiB 97MiB 999MiB 253MiB] Sc·[0.75 0.98 1.00 0.03] 19:58:51.842805 table@compaction committed F-1 S-354B Ke·0 D·6 T·13.806605ms 19:58:51.843205 table@remove removed @ 194556 19:58:51.843492 table@remove removed @ 194555

What happened meanwhile:

There was file corruption on the Raspberry Pi side, so I rebooted it with a forced chkdsk. Plus, I set up the timezone of it (it was UTC, now is CET).

I don’t know how to fix it.

Please search the forums, I think there are plenty of threads explaining how to reset the database.

Thanks. If someone else ends here, the fix was to stop the syncthing service, run it from the command line with “syncthing -reset-database” and restart the service from systemd.

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