Connection problem


I’ve connected two Windows 7 PC’s (at my office, same network) to Syncthing and they are working well together. I then set up my home computer, also Windows 7, to sync with both office PC’s. The home computer is always listed as Disconnected (never seen). I gather that there may be a firewall issue, but I note that I have BTsync running at the same time with no issues.

Using SyncTrayzor, and all nodes on latest version of Syncthing.

Is there a tutorial as to how to set up nodes?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Read the FAQ/Getting started/Wiki on github. BTSync uses relay servers and UDP punchthrough which syncthing doesn’t, hence it’s not directly comparable.

Thanks, I had to open up port 22000 for the connection to be made. Looks like I’m up and running now.

My ST has severe connection problems since v.11.2 Ports are oppend: I can reach them from inside the network and from outside the network. If I restart Syncthing on my RPi, the other devices are able to connect for some minutes in the start phase. After that, no connection in possible. Also devices in the same network can’t connect.

edit: forget it :innocent: RPi just took 15 minutes to connect