connection issue - i/o timeout + connection refused

I’m new to syncthing, transitioning from resilio sync, which started to give me problems with peers not connecting - despite nothing changed on the network.

My setup is simple, Google nest wifi mesh network, synology, desktop mac and laptop mac. I’m doing a send only from the macs to the synology, just on local network.

It seems like it is working, but there are a lot of “connection refused” in the remote devices section. I’ve looked around with ports and forwarding, but honestly not familiar with it all too much, so lazily just came here.

Here’s a screenshot of the connection bit, but any help is greatly appreciate!


Screenshot 2020-09-26 at 20.13.07

If those addresses are correct and the devices are on the same LAN, probably local firewalls on the computers.

I’ll check to see how they are setup, thanks for the tip!

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