Connection error syncthing seems to be down

Ok so I have it set up fine syncing a desktop computer and a laptop, but I seem to have made an error configuring the rasperry pi. I get two errors, (which may not be related). At the moment the RPI is considered offline by the other two computers.

Syncthing seems to be down, or there is a problem with your Internet connection. Retrying…


Global UDP discovery (udp6:// listen udp6 :0: address family not supported by protocol; trying again in 1m0s

I wonder if anyone could help me troubleshoot this connection error? Thanks! :smile:

On issue 1 - Looks like its maxing out the CPU on the RPI - could it be an issue with an initial scan etc. taking a while? And it is regularly “seen” by the other two computers according to the GUI. So perhaps its an issue with the CPU overload? It looks like it does a bit of syncing, then crashes, then gets going again. I guess it may settle down later, but it may be a bug rather than a config error on my part?

On issue 2 - I deleted the udb6 line from the config, and now do not have that error… So I think they are definitely unrelated, but I still dont know what the problems are!

opening the GUI on the raspberry pi while it’s busy doing anything else is a bad idea because it causes additional CPU load.

You probably have this problem: increase “pingTimeoutS” in the advanced options

Another thing you can try is running on your RPI, this also fixed the issue for me without increasing timeout

Thanks Alex, I think your suggestion of the ping timeout is working :smile: