Connection error in browser when changing to nssm after initial app launch

Windows Platform: This is my first using day using syncthing. I started by launching the app. After testing, port forwarding etc, I was successfully able to sync over wan addresses. I then shutdown the process and moved the app directory to a permanent location to attach nssm and create the service to run as no logged on user. After the service was created, I started the windows service and browsed to the web interface to complete the process of securing with login and password, as well as https. Browser successfully launched syncthing. All initial setting were gone, so I began to rebuild the settings. I would receive a connection error when trying to save changes and restart with the new config.

  • I did not experience this problem if the app was never initially launched. If I started by extracting the zip to the permanent location, adding nssm service and starting service, everything functioned correctly. Upon reboot, the service launched and connected without issue.

  • I then proceeded in stripping all created files from syncthing from the machine. all temp data directories including win\sys32\config folders. I have removed the service and rebuilt it in its final position. I still receive the connection error when trying to change setting and restart with new config.

Would I need to purge a certificate from a store that was generated during the first launch?

Next testing

  • I have not setup to run with a users credentials only system in nssm

  • I have not tried under a different user profile

I appreciate any direction. I love the product and have been looking for something like this for a while.

Check browser console to see which requests you are getting errors for. Also, check syncthings log for clues.