Connection Error in Browser and SyncTrayzor when deleting a folder

I’m using the newest version of syncthing now on a second Computer. After creating folders to sync, I realized that I made a mistake and I wanted to delete the wrong folder, but it isn’t possible. I get always an Error of Connection and the syncthing surface in the browser broke down. I tried it with different browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) but always the same error. Even when I tried to delete the folder with the Windows-Tool SyncTrayzor, the same error and a I have to restart Syncthing.

I checked also old (closed) topics but without finding a solution.

I’ve seen a similar problem recently. Basically, you need to navigate to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Syncthing (just copy and paste the path into the Explorer address bar), open the config.xml file with a text editor, and then find the problematic folder and remove the whole <folder></folder> element related to it. Remember to do it while Syncthing isn’t running.

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Thanks Tomasz, it’s done. The wrong folder is gone! Marco

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