Connecting to [android device] ( the remote device speaks an unknown (newer?) version of the protocol

Similar questions have been asked already, but I didn’t 100% understand the answers. I believe this issue is something to do with the ports being set incorrectly. I’ve used the default settings and I’m not sure what I should change.

Trying to sync between thinkpad t450s running ubuntu gnome 16.10 and oneplus 3t running nougat.

Thanks for your help!

The devices are connecting to each other but are running incompatible versions of Syncthing.

What versions are they?

Check the Syncthing version in the menu of the Android app, it is different to the Android app version.

Ubuntu Gnome: v0.13.10-dfsg1, Linux (64 bit) Android: v0.14.18

I installed syncthing on Ubuntu via apt - is there a more up-to-date repository I could add to get a version that’s compatible with the Android one?

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thanks! kinda obvious now you mention it!

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