connecting to a phone wich is in hotspot mode

It’s the following the topic Sync Linux and Andorid over USB tethering but without internet

Why, though I have specified tcp adress, the connection is still into a relay WAN ?

If your phone is in “Hotspot” mode, you might not be using the correct IP addresses. I use an app from Google Play on my phone called “IP Tools: Wifi Analyzer” to determine my cell phone’s hotspot IP address.

For example, right now the internal Hotspot IP address of my cell phone is, and it handed out to my laptop.

This is the networking information I would need to use in syncthing to make a manual connection to a specific IP address in this scenario.

Hope this helps.

@Wank thank you ! Unfortunately wifi analizer on the phone behave the same way as syncthing, when you’re in hotspot mode, it considers that your wifi isn’t enabled. And this is the point, syncthing then wants to enable ‘use mobile data’ although it doesn’t need to. My trick is to check the box ‘use mobile data’ -or it won’t even start scanning- but altogether, disabling access to mobile data on my phone’s settings. Note that an old phone I’ve got doesn’t want to enable hotspot if there is no mobile data.

So keeping on using your idea, I manage to look for the right addresses. More specifically, to let syncthing scanning the right network on the right place without going on the internet.

To do so, I edit the device I want to connect to, in advanced setting, fill up the address field with tcp://, quic:// and it works.

I like the idea to be able to synchronise with the minimum, no internet access, nor a personal independent network. It took me pretty much time to do so, (damned firewall on linux -but eventually once you know it’s ufw the command it’s easy). I insisted because as I use other apps like primitive ftp and local send, I knew it was possible. And I’m glad I succeeded !

I think there should be an easy way to use it that way, as syncthing claims it is decentralised, and it can be used completely autonomously.

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