Connect to a remote server with ssh proxy jump

I am trying to use this and treat a work NAS as a main location to store files so I can use them between different computers. However, the work server is only accessible through a proxy jump. I am able to ssh to this server currently, but I am unsure how to setup the tcp parameters for this type of configuration.

Also, is there a way to use the ssh config file on my machine at all as the proxy jump commands and ssh-keys are already properly configured there.

The work NAS can create connections to the outside, I assume. You don’t need to do ANY kind of special configuration, because Syncthing will use relay servers as a fallback for the data transfer. (Yes, the data is encrypted, so the relay servers only see random binary packets.)

I am not able to connect to the remote server without using the proxy jump though. I tried setting the tcp to the main server I want to use with tcp://[ip]:20000, but it failed.

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