Conflicts on receive-only folder

Hi. I’m testing ST on a second host, so I configured the folder as Receive Only. I am 100% sure nobody is accessing or changing those files, nonetheless, every day I find three or four new sync-conflicts (among 650k files).

Why is this happening?

To debug the conflict reason should I enable the model debug?


Are the items listed as local additions files or directories? Is there anything special about them? What kind of operating systems are involved? Have you tweaked anything in the Syncthing configuration, or are all settings default?

All today’s items are files. They are txt files, or idx binary data.

Both servers run CentOS 7.9 and ST 1.22, ext4.

About config I just disabled global announce, but the issue happened even before.


Is there any difference between the “real” and conflict file?

Yes, I checked the file and they differ. The conflicted copy saved on the secondary (r-o) node is the version before the change, while the “official” file is the one present on the primary sending node.

Actually, while checking other conflicts arisen in the afternoon, I found a conflict on an empty file. Both live and conflicted file are empty, the only difference is the update timestamp.

When you talk about “conflicted copies”, do you mean or simply files with the same names that for some reason differ in content?

I mean that, conflict files generated by ST automatically

Is android involved?

No, only two CentOS servers.

Just one thing, if can matter: the dir on the secondary server was previously populated with rsync -a, and then attached to ST

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