Conflicts on LibreOffice files with no apparent cause

I have had a weird issue regarding LibreOffice and Syncthing. What happens is the following:


I have a folder with (among others) an .odt-document shared via Syncthing with a number of devices (Windows 10, Linux Mint, Android, Debian, Rapsbian). I open said .odt with LibreOffice Writer in the morning. It stays open for most of the day with me occasionally editing and saving.


Now comes the problem: I regularly get sync-conflicts on those files. I know no other connected machine has these files open. The conflicts seem to be the state of the document just before I saved. Sometimes there even is no detectable difference at all, not even with diffoscope.


I think it does not happen when LibreOffice is closed, although I’m not entirely certain of that. I mostly notice them because I check said folder before I actually close the document for the day. That way I can delete all the conflicts and make sure the document has the state I expect.

While this sounds like a LibreOffice specific problem I can’t see how it would be a Bug on their side, since whatever they do with the file on one machine should not cause conflicts with others.

What’s also weird is that the ID in the sync-conflict files is the one of the machine that LibreOffice is running on.


  • How would I go about investigating this?
  • Is there a way to log more details about why some files were judged to be in conflict?
  • Has anybody else had issues with LibreOffice specifically?

A lot of different systems right there :crazy_face:. Can you try to enable “Ignore Permissions” (in the Advanced tab in the folder settings) on all devices and see if it changes anything? Also, are you running the newest version of Syncthing everywhere (which is v1.27.3 at the moment)?

Thanks, that fixed the issue. Not entirely sure why though, does NTFS count as a “system with nonexistent or custom permissions”?

No, but permissions are usually not compatible between different operating systems or file systems. In your case, it’s mainly Windows vs Android vs the Linux family.

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