Conflicts, how are they handled?

Hi, how does Syncthing handle conflicts? Maybe there’s documentation about this but I couldn’t find any.

What happens for example if two nodes are offline for a period of time and edits the same file and then connects to a central node for syncing?

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Currently, it seems that one of the conflicted files is lost. I’m not sure which one.

Conflict handling is discussed here:

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The newest version of the file wins.

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I also would like to see a solution to conflicted files. Both Dropbox and Wuala make a copy of the conflicted files adding a sufix for quick recognition. Do you plan to add something like that?

Also see this thread:

I would like to suggest an (optional) renaming feature if a conflict (e.g. file.jpg) is detected e.g. file (conflict-1).jpg, file (conflict-2).jpg - this way you never lose any files if have seen this in other multi-host sync programs and it works really well for daily use