Conflicted File Handling

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I have just set up Syncthing, after not having much luck with some other similar software, and so I had an old version of a set of files at home (only a handful would have changed), and the latest at work. So when I got Synctrayzor working, it compared the two sets of files and started syncing, and gave me some conflicts.

The problem is that I was looking at the dates of the files in the Conflict Handler, and just chose the conflicting file every time because I saw that the date was always later. Only now I’ve come to a particularly important file, which made me think twice, and I realised that the Conflict Resolver isn’t actually giving me the respective dates of the two versions of the file, it is just telling me the date of the conflict (today, of course). So firstly, how are you meant to choose which file to keep without being able to see the actual modified date of the file?

And then, is there a way I can see which files have conflicted in the log or elsewhere? I had a quick search in the log, but couldn’t find anything. I turned off deleting to the recycle bin thinking I knew what I was doing and didn’t want to deal with the recycle bin later. I’ve already discovered one other important file that I now have an old version of, so need to know if there’s any others.

And finally, am I always going to be dealing with conflicting files, or is this only happening as a one off while I’m syncing the folders I mentioned at the top for the first time? In other words, will I get a conflict every time I work on a file at work and it then gets synced to home?


I did do a search before posting, but I’ve only just found the FAQ which answered my first question - I now understand that the older file is always marked as the conflicting file. And so that means I chose the older file every time, which is a worry.

So my other questions still stand - is there a way that I can see which files were conflicting before I ‘resolved’ them, and will I always get conflicts when I modify files? That’s not a problem, I’m just curious to know what behaviour to expect.

There is no way to see old conflicts. You will only get conflicts if you have concurrent modifications (which on initial sync is concurrent as it’s the first version both sides saw).

This sounds like the conflict resolution tool built into SyncTrayzor? That shows you when the conflict was created (when one of your devices notices that there’s a conflict). It doesn’t know when the conflicting file was last modified unfortunately. Perhaps the UI could be clearer here, I’ll take a look when I’m back at a computer.

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Thanks for confirming that Audrius.

And Antony, thanks for your reply. Yes I’m using SyncTrayzor - that was the problem, just that I read the conflict time as being the file modified time. The Conflict Resolver refers to the two files as ‘Original File’ and ‘Conflicting File Name’ - my only suggestion would be that it also calls one newer and the other older, respectively, but once you know how it works it’s pretty clear. I don’t suppose the log could include conflict information as well?

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