Conflict resolver didn't work

I’m running Syncthing 1.27.7 on my PC and SyncTrayzor 1.1.29.

I’m not sure if this bug is Syncthing or SyncTrayzor and would appreciate some guidance.

I took a daily note in Obsidian and went out to the driveway and checked Obsidian on my Android–still connected to my home network. The daily note on Android popped up as blank (expected, since Syncthing hadn’t been running in the background).

Later, while connected to my network, ran syncthing from my phone, over-writing my daily Obsidian note (as expected).

When I got to my desktop–where Obsidian was still running, I opened SyncTrayzor and went to the Conflict manager and saw the conflict for the daily note, and selected the correct (desktop) note. However, in Obsidian, the note did not update. I shut down Obsidian and restarted, and it still did not have the desktop note.

Luckily, I run a 15m cron backup and was able to retrieve the note version I needed, but I’m trying to understand why selecting the desktop note didn’t work. Was it because I still had Obsidian open? Something else?

Note, I have simple versioning setup for this folder/sync.

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