conflict notification via REST API


I would like to know if it is possible to send an event over the REST/event API in the case that a confilict is generated. As far as I can see, it is not possible today.

Background: If a conflict happens, one should fix it immediately, because maybe a few weeks later when it is discovered, you dont remeber which version was the right one. Of course, one could use “find *.sync-conflict” (depending on the OS), but who does this periodically? I would prefer to expose this functionality to the API, such that it can be handled directly by an external program. (One might argue that this program then could also periodically check for .sync-conflict files) Any thoughts?


You know, I was thinking exactly this a couple of days ago…

If you’re using Windows, SyncTrayzor will notify you of any conflicts. It does this using filesystem watchers, but an event when a conflict file is created would be a bit neater.

It should be fairly trivial to add. If you feel like adding it, search for moveForConflict, and just wedge in an event there.


Cheers, I’ll try and put something together later this week if noone beats me to it…


… Although, that will only cover the case where a conflict is created by the local device, and not one that’s synced from another device.

it is not deterministic on which machine the conflict is generated, right? Maybe sticking with filesystem watchers is more robust

If you watch both the “conflict created” events, and the “file updated” events, you should catch all conflicts.