Conflict file not deleted in Android

I have a folder with several nodes in sync, where my PC is send-only and my Android phone is read-only.

I had a conflict file in my folder that I deleted in my PC and it has been deleted in other nodes. However, it does not get deleted in my Android phone (1.27.3).

On my PC, I created another file (touch) and deleted it afterwards (rm), and both operations were synced fine to my Android.

On the web interface of my PC I see for my android device “Syncing (95%, 0B)”, and in ‘Out of sync items’ I can see the file to be deleted.

What’s going on with the conflict file?

My fault.

The Orgzly app was the one preserving/recreating the file in the android directory. Once I removed the file from Orgzly it synced fine.