conflict file causes folder to be out of sync

Hi guys.

I’ve used syncthing on a raspberrian and Ubuntu machine for a while. Basically the pi machine was set as a file/backup server as well as a web server for my own purposes. I had to repurpose the pi server, so I’ve formatted it. I’ve installed sync-thing again, added my other machine, but now there is a specific sync file that is out of sync because it is missing on my Ubuntu machine that causes the out of sync issue (see screenshot below). The problem is that I cannot find where I can tell syncthing to forget about it. Do you have any hint for me?

You have added the file to the global state but your other machine can’t download because the old node doesn’t exist anymore.

You need to update the global state so just touch <filename> on one of the machines. Once it has been scanned, delete the unneeded file and it will be removed from the global state.

Optionally, If there are only 2 nodes in the share, recreate the share. Or set one as node as send only then force its state by clicking override changes. (This will update the global state to match that node’s local state and replace/delete all changed/added files on the other nodes.)

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Hi. Thanks that worked perfectly.

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