Configuration loss after update

Hi, I am using syncthing since more than 5 years or so, and I love it, so thank you for that, before I begin to complain :wink:

It might be partially a problem with the distribution (I am hosting a yunohost server with this package: GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/syncthing_ynh: Syncthing package for YunoHost ), but probably after the latest 1.17.x update (I recognized it too late, now on 1.18.0) I do not see any folders or devices in this instance anymore. I am still asking here because it is not primarily about why it happened than how to fix the problem. Folders and devices are also gone from the config.xml. The ID is shown to be the same, but the other devices can not find the server anymore and do/can not send a request.

The config folder has now also a config.xml.v0, I guess this is a new minimal template? It was not present in my latest backup. Is this official? Also, is it normal that the index file seems to have a old version number (index-v0.14.0.db)?

Anyway, I wonder how to proceed. It should not be too hard to reconfigure the folders, even by hand in case the config format changed. About the devices, I am not sure. I am thinking about saving the keys, deleting the rest in the config folder, and restart the application. Would that be the way to go? Any any idea how/why the config file was modified?

This is how the .config folder of syncthing currently looks like:

cert.pem  config.xml  config.xml.v0  csrftokens.txt
https-cert.pem  https-key.pem  index-v0.14.0.db  key.pem

I’d check the content of .v0 file, as that looks suspicious. I don’t think we ever create v0, so something bad must have happened for that to be created.

If you have logs from previous runs (i.e, first run after upgrade), they might have some details.

I’d also double check that the device id is still the same, perhaps everything got nuked.

I was so confident because why would a package script modify the config.xml in such a way. But you are right I found the servers log files of the update (did not think about it too much sorry) and some part seems to have modified the config file, I do not yet understand why though. Is it safe to simply keep it like it was before? Will syncthing transform it by itself if the xml scheme changes?

The ID is the same. I even checked key.pem and cert.pem in my backup have the same checksum as the current ones, so they should be the same in every bit.

The config.xml.v0 does not look suspicious, but you are right, some of the values indeed point to the distribution (yunohost ldap config foo). It is not mentioned in the logs though.

I will contact the package maintainers tomorrow or so. For others: Communication works again if the location address in the config file or settings is restored to be “default” instead of “tcp://default”. I simply forgot that I can simply look into syncthings logs, I had only the server logs in mind. Sorry.

I think it’s safe for you to set it up from scratch, though for minds sake you can setup one other device as send only, just in case.

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