Configuration example

Hello All,

Just made a small Syncthing network:

  • Synology DS413j (ARM v5), installed vith SynoCommunity package, I changed the start script to run as root, the NAS upgraded itself to latest version. Works fine.
  • Synology DS414 (ARM v7), same setup as the DS413j, the interface hangs a little, even if it’s a more powerful platform. But works :wink:
  • Ubuntu 14.04 server, OVH Kimsufi server, using OVH Hubic storage (OpenStack/Swift) and s3ql file system. Syncthing shares are on the Hubic Cloud storage, it works like a charm.

The idea is to have a continuous replication on these 3 sites. Data can be accesses from anywhere using an OwnCloud installation on the main server.

It’s just the kind of setup I was looking for, Really happy with this. Regards, Arnaud