Configurable timeout on xhr request

Hello to all,

Currently if I have the web ui published behind a reverse-proxy, many ajax request to the rest api get a 502 and the web interface is locked requesting a refresh of the page. While connected to the original web server i see dozens of requests completing in about 15 minutes and then the subsequent xhr requests are all under 1s. Is there any timeout configurable to abort gracefully the initial requests without blocking the interface?



Which requests take 15 minutes to complete? This seems unexpected unless your database is huge and the machine extremely under powered.

thanks for the reply, i would say

status, discovery,error,connection


the database in only 277 MB in size and the machine is not underpowered (but is a virtual machine). We’ve noticed the issue today by adding 5-6 devices

That’s very odd. Many of those calls aren’t at all related to each other and essentially amount to reading a variable - they should return instantly, not block for 15 minutes. If you run syncthing with the environment variable STTRACE=http it’ll show the requests it receives and the time to serve them - does it show the same picture?

A similar picture, while i see request to event api rest endpoint on the trace completing in the log in few seconds, on the browser i still see that pending on the browser. The most expensive requests currently are the one to the completition ( from 60 to 120 seconds to complete); is like they are holding the previous requests and also themselves (I’ve some request to completion that show 70 sec on trace, but stalled for 4 minutes and completed after 70 seconds).

Huh. What’s it doing when this is going on - just started up, syncing, scanning, …? It’s not something that I recognize.

The “completion” calls are expensive - essentially full database scans - and happen once only on GUI startup. For them to take minutes on a database that small the machine would have to be extremely limited on either CPU or IO or something else odd is wrong. Though I’m not sure what, off the bat.

just started up and browsing the gui; definitely a problem with the cpu. thanks a lot for your time

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