Configurable repo shortcut (~)

When creating or editing a repo with the Web GUI, Syncthing displays a path shortcut (~) in a red highlighted box. It seems to be reading existing paths on the local system. I’ve seen it on Windows, Linux and Android installations. Sometimes, this shortcut is convenient. In other cases, the default shortcut is irrelevant.

Is there any way to customize the path used by the default shortcut? Ideally, it would be nice if it was configurable from within the Web GUI.

You could just start syncthing with HOME=/your/folder/ ./syncthing.

All it does is read the environment variable HOME and uses that.

Thanks Nutomic for explaining the connection between the environment variable and the resulting repo shortcut. Should work fine on the Linux nodes. For Windows, I need to do some reading on shortcut commands to set environment variables.

How would one customize the Syncthing startup command in the Android version as you have described?

The feature I am requesting is the abililty to configure this in the UI.

In the Android version, it’s currently harcoded to the app’s data folder (there were problems with Gingerbread when setting it to sd card afair).

Also, is this really necessary given that there’s a file picker on Android?

You’re right! It isn’t necessary on Android. Thanks for pointing it out. I never used the “Add Repository” option in the Android app before - it clearly has a file picker - which is convenient.

Until you mentioned it, I was using the Web GUI and manually entering my own repo paths instead of the hard-coded shortcut: /data/data/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid/files.

Thank you. I got it.