Config settings not appearing in Syncthing

I installed a new hard drive and wanted to move my Syncthing configuration to it. I’ve copied all of the contents of .config/syncthing from my old drive but Syncthing doesn’t show any of my folders (other than default) or devices. If I open config.xml everything looks correct as far as I can tell.

(Syncthing-GTK on Fedora 31)

syncthing -paths shows you what it’s reading. You seem to have copied stuff to the wrong place.

Also, what you are doing is dangerous and might lead to data loss.

Syncthing was installed as a flatpak so the path was different.

Why is copying all of the configuration files dangerous, and what is the recommended way of restoring a Syncthing configuration?

Only copy the keys and config files, not the index (index-v0.14… directory). And make sure the paths in the config file are still valid.

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