Config not saved


While trying the new MaxConcurrentWrites setting, I noticed that the config is not saved after setting the option in all the folders and clicking save.

In the Syncthing config folder I noticed that “config.xml” is dated 7th April, on top row it says “version 30”. I then restarted Syncthing but the old date remained. I changed MaxConcurrentWrites again, this time it was saved.

Any ideas what has happened here?
How can I make sure the config.xml has all the necessary fields?

Did you check the logs, browser console logs? Usually this is caused by reverse proxies and stuff in front of it, not handling CSRF and what not.

Thanks for the suggestions, I don’t use proxies.
I only checked the Syncthing console log, but not the browser console - will keep that in mind for next time.

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