.config folder still 26Gb after rest/system/reset?folder

Hi, we have syncthing (v0.14.51) installed on our ubuntu (16.04) server. We like to sync around 8tb to a server located in the same network. During the first scann the index dbfile grows to 11Gb and exceed our main disk partition. so I move the .config folder to a other location, and rescan. Now id like to change the synced folder and delete the actual one over Gui. the size of the db fit is still 26Gb, I tried with the rest/system reset and get {“ok”: “resetting database”} but the folder is still 26Gb. Any idea what I can do to solve that? thx

It might write ahead logs or uncollapsed leveldb levels, logs, panics, god knows what. Best is to actually check.

hi for me it is ok if I can delete the whole folder an rescan it. There are some errors in the log but only regarding the usage of not utf8 conform letters like ö ä and so one. is it save to delete the whole .config folder and recreate it? (I don’t care about data loose because this was the initial scan)

It’s not, as .config is where the certificates (which make up your device id) and so on are stored. As I said,it’s best if you actually look at whats taking up the space in the directory instead of blanket deleting everything.

the folder index-v0.14.0.db is around 26gb and containing 13139 files, each around 2Mb. it is located on a bigger partition than the main. if I like to see the paths used by synching I entered syncthing -paths I get the standard paths displayed. but I changed the path of .config in the systemctl startup with the home parameter. if I rename the ~/.config folder and execute synching -reset-database it will create a new .config folder on ~/.config but my used on on /pool/.config is not touched. I tied it now with synching -home /path/to/my/folder -reset-database and it clean up now. sorry for that

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