.config/ filled with panic-timestamp.log

0.14.42 Ubuntu 14 64bit here.

I’m searching if anybody posted a bug these days, but I have this behaviour and some friends have it too, in win 64, 0.14.42 & 43-rc1 My win32 doesn’t show this neither .42 nor .43 This seems to happen when adding a device or under heavy sync. The GUI shows failure then resume.

The question is: are all these log files erased at some point or do I have to tell my fiends to clean their config directory?

They are erased eventually. But before that, post it somewhere so we can fix it.

Eventually ? This means … ? I’m redacting the log ATM and post in another thread.

Done. Do I post the log here on developpment site Jakob?

Here or as a Github issue, your preference. Eventually means one week in this case.

Nice, so no real worry with cleaup :sunny:

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