Config Designation of Directory as Mount Point

Another month into using Syncthing, I’d like to resubmit the idea to allow any syncroot or sync subdirectory to be named in the configuration file as a mount point. Then Syncthing will only run if the mount is present. This is consistent with Syncthing’s design principle #1 - protecting user data integrity.

Cross-platform, detection of a mount? I know how I’d try to do it in Linux, but that goes beyond my skillset in other OSes. Help, anybody?

How about

from the same thread?

Sounds reasonable. You’re leaning more toward putting a special file in the special directories. I was thinking more to just name the special directories with no special files present, but maybe your idea dovetails better into the architecture that is already there. I wish I was a Go programming expert and could dive into the code to answer my own questions.

Just naming a directory still leaves us without an obvious way to determine if it’s mounted or not. Naming a special file in the directory that must always be present accomplishes both things simpler.