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Synchting web ui is really cool, but I was wondering if it was possible to do the same by just modifying config files and restarting the deamon ?

I am usinig SALT to push system configs and it would be top notch if after having pushed syncthing installation and default config file, I could add folder links between hosts/ setup the web interface to ssl with passwords and everything in a automated way


Yes, everything you can configure through the web UI is in the config file.

Make sure you don’t accidentally copy the device ID from one config file to another however - that way lies pain.

The config file is usually in ~/.config/syncthing/config.xml. For new instances you need to run syncthing --generate to generate the new ID with the corresponding key and cert.

I’m not sure, but it can be that you need to shutdown Syncthing, change the config and start Syncthing, because Syncthing will save the config on shutdown. (I remember a problem in the Android App).

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interesting, I’ll have a look

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