Config change in UI taking a long time when scanning on slow storage

Thread for discussion and possible debugging sessions around ticket #6503.

It’s not really a feature, not really development, therefor the General category. I’d be happy to move it if it doesn’t belong here.

For stacktraces, I think it’s SIGABRT you need to send.
Edit: I just checked and both SIGABRT and SIGQUIT work.

Additional you can also enable model debug logging (actions > log) and collect the logs when and after you do a config change - hopefully this will give a clue too about what’s going on.

Before I start generating those logs, I found a workaround:

  • shutdown syncthing
  • modify known devices to auto-accept offered folders (modified the default location to be the slow storage)
  • start syncthing again

Accepting the new folder this way added them to the list faster than I could open my browser and load the web gui.

This evening (~5pm here now) I’ll work on those logs.

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No it’s definitely SIGQUIT. But you need to hit the “inner” process (higher PID) and the output will go to stderr which may or may not be captured by whatever is grabbing the log output.

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