Concurrent connections

Hello everybody,

I have thousands of files to sync in a folder, but it appears Syncthing does the work synchronously one file after another. The network, CPU, and memory usage are not at their peaks in any of the devices (laptop and phone), so I know it could be faster; so I looked for concurrent / parallel connections in the docs, but I couldn’t find anything.

Is there a setting to enable multiple connections, or another way of speeding it up?

It does not. You can adjust the parallelization somewhat; search the forum for “copiers” and “pullers”. However, files are fsync()ed to disk after syncing, and this can be quite slow, especially on spinning disks.

You cannot use more than one connection between devices, but this is not a limiting factor.

Thanks @calmh,

I’m using flash memory, so spinning disks are not the issue here. But after restarting Syncthing, it looks much faster. I guess that was an odd behavior, but I’ll take a look into copiers and pullers.