computer stolen - can syncthing serves help?

Hello, sory for writing off topic. My house got robbed and my computer, without password, with auto-start syncthing was also stolen. Currently the android app does not show any activity, the computer did not login that day or any other day from robbery day. Can you somehow monitor your servers, keeep more logs for me, help in any way? I have a written permission from the Police about the robbery.

I’m sorry to hear that. We don’t really have much to offer log wise, but you can query the discovery servers for its device ID, which might give you an IP;

% curl -sk
   "addresses" : [
   "seen" : "2024-02-23T14:58:33Z"

It appears that they may know what they’re doing, i.e. they probably removed/formatted the disk immediately without even turning the PC on, so if it’s already been a while with no activity, I wouldn’t hold my breath for it :frowning:.

This assumes that they were for the hardware. If they were for the data though, they would probably just turn the PC on with no network connectivity, so no real change either.

I have heard stories from people that have recovered stolen Apple products. My brother-in-law had his iPad stolen while he was waiting at the gate at an airport and he tracked it down using apples lost device functionality. All Apple products talk to the Apple Cloud and it’s built into the operating system so there is no third party software they can uninstall if they put a clean version of the Mac OS on the computer you’ll still be able to locate it. Not so much with Linux or Windows.

Windows does have an optional locator service built into the operating system and you can track it using your Microsoft account. This would have to have been enabled prior to the theft and the people who stole it would have to have not reformatted the computer. If the bad guy Powers the computer on just once before screwing around with the operating system and hard drive the operating system will report to Microsoft where it was last seen prior to going away permanently.

This is why I keep a local copy of my data and also a copy in the cloud and I even have a backup cloud server that backs up my other two Cloud servers. I always have at least three copies of my data in different locations.

All of my important data is also encrypted at each location.

Sorry to hear about your loss.

thank you for the suggestion the response is Not Found my phone shows the last date and time, but it’s before robbery. Should the discovery server aways remember this, or is it cleared or something? When I change the id to my new device it shows properly some data etc.

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