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Good afternoon, I would like to know, how can I compile the file, of which I have made modifications. And which file, I should use to be able to see the changes that I have made in my application that I want to distribute to my clients

Thank you

Please see and where this is answered.

I have taken the following steps:

# This should output "go version go1.7" or higher.
$ Version

# Go is particular about file locations; Use this path unless you know very
Well what are you doing
$ Mkdir -p ~ / src / / syncthing
$ Cd ~ / src / / syncthing
# Note that if you are building from a source code archive, you need to
# Rename the directory from syncthing-XX.YY.ZZ to syncthing
$ Git clone

# Now we have the source. Time to build!
$ Cd syncthing

# You should be inside ~ / src / / syncthing / syncthing right now.
$ Go run build.go

, But I skip the following error


You don’t need gometalinter, it’s just a warning. But if you like, run go run build.go setup to install it and some other dependencies.

okay I have finished doing the operations. My question is, I get the following.

antonio@antonio-pc:~/src/$ go run build.go GOPATH is /home/antonio

How can I run the main page to see the changes made?

Thank you

You run the syncthing binary that you just built, probably. :slight_smile:

By the way, any changes you make to our files need to be opensourced, and copyrights need to be preserved as explained by the license.

… if you distribute the resulting binary.

That is his plan.

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