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First off, I would like to express all my gratitude to everybody behind Syncthing which is arguably the most useful open-source application!

I can’t seem to find a list of Android file manager apps that are compatible with Syncthing. I use “Amaze file manager” (another great open-source app by the way) but Syncthing keeps telling it can’t find any compatible app on my smartphone whenever I hit the folder icon button.

Do you any idea how to make it work with Syncthing or where can I find a list of compatible file manager app?

Thanks for your help ! B

I suspect an access problem, because the Android Syncthing APP has its own file manager.

Maybe you can describe that a little more precisely. If you press the “+” button at the top right to add a new folder, the “Create folder” window appears. There is a “Directory” button. If you go to this, a directory list of the internal file manager should open to select a directory.

Where exactly do you get stuck?

This is about the folder icon in the folder list, not setting the path for a (new) folder. If you press that, the Syncthing app tries to open a file manager for that directory.

Root Explorer does also work without root.

I use FX File Explorer

Your standard file manager should be sufficient. It would be helpful to know what device you’re running Android on.

Default stock file managers often cannot interact with the Syncthing app to open a folder from the app directly because their devs missed some intents.

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