Communication problem when VMWare network adapters are enabled

When I have a VMWare Workstation network adapter (NAT) enabled, SyncThing stops communicating with some of the PCs on the LAN. Once I disable that network adapter they communicate just fine. Has anyone else experienced this?

Stops communicating how? Not discovering them, not connecting to them despite them being discovered, not connecting to them even if you configure their address manually, …?

I assume this is on Windows?

SyncThing says Disconnected on those PCs. All the PCs that aren’t working have virtual adapters, either VMWare or Virtual Box adapters. Setting the address for a device works. It seems that it’s choosing the wrong adapter if it’s set to dynamic. I checked the Adapters & Bindings and the adapter order is correct.

Yes, this is on Windows 8 x64.

I’d wager there’s something about the adapters that makes multicast/broadcast not do it’s thing. I know I’ve had issues under both KVM and VirtualBox. Just for fun, can you run an instance or two with STTRACE=discovery,beacon to see what it says?

This is

Or rather Windows fault:

Ok, I’ve run it with discovery and beacon. What am I looking for in the log? Or should I post it somewhere?

Ok, but does BTSync do it differently? Because everything works fine there.

It probably has a special case around this issue which we don’t.

Ok, thank you for explaining.