Commercial use/work use

Hi, just wondering, I saw the MPL 2.0 licence, are we allowed to use Syncthing for work stuff in a large organisation without Kastelo?


Actually, on second thought: not legal advice, consult your lawyers.

thanks, I was just wondering from Syncthing’s side whether there were any restrictions, whether another licence needs to be purchased or if it was just limited for personal use without needing to get Kastelo

Thanks for this post, I am actually in the same boat.

@calmh we plan to use syncthing alongside with our in-house application, should we talk to our lawyers as well?

Look this is a standard MPL licensed project. Most people, me included, just don’t want to tell you “it’s fine” because lawyery and corporate stuff can be stupid and problematic. However a very short searchup on the topic might show it’s fine as long as you honour the (rather simple imo) terms of the MPL.
As for “social” requirements: Don’t use our name syncthing if you publish your proprietory solution (if it’s FOSS, please ask first). Also using paid support (kastelo or anyone else), not the forum beyond simple things is good for proprietory things in my opinion (though anyone is free to support you for free of course). And actively contributing back improvements in code (beyond license reqs) or docs is nice, and/or monetary support for the project (no req but also in your interest of you depend on syncthing working well and continuing to do so).
Also this are my tired thoughts in this typed on a phone, so neither complete nor (anyway) authoritative.