Coming here from Bittorrent Sync, have few questions

I like that Syncthing is open source.

  1. Is it as reliable as Bittorrent Sync?
  2. Can I set up Syncthing on Windows and my Android device?
  3. Are unlimited devices allowed?
  4. Is it based on the torrent protocol? That is retreving and sending data from and to multiple devices.
  5. Can I set up syncthing only to use local network and not internet

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t used BTSync in a long time, but it’s pretty reliable.


Yes. There’s no concept of a “free tier” or anything - Syncthing doesn’t take money from its users (other than donations). Obviously there are limitations: the largest known cluster has 104 devices, and that’s probably running on some pretty beefy hardware.

It isn’t based on the same Bittorrent protocol as BTSync: it uses its own protocol (called BEP). BEP is peer-to-peer in a similar way to Bittorrent, so it will send and retrieve data from multiple devices.

Yes. If you disable Global Discovery and Relaying then Syncthing won’t attempt to connect to anything over the internet (or be connectable to anything from the internet).

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Awesome. Thank you for the quick reply. I will give Syncthing a try and I am sure I will like it.

Take a look at the community-contributed wrappers if you want a slightly nicer user experience. SyncTrayzor (for Windows) and Syncthing-GTK (cross-platform) in particular make the user experience quite a bit nicer. You’ll also find the Android client there (or in the Play Store or FDroid).

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That is my next question. How to get rid of that command prompt window. i will try Sync Trayzor.

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Is there a better android client for syncthing? The one I downloaded from FDroid is not that pretty. It was hard work adding a folder on Android. I did several trial and error and finally I was able to sync. Is there a tutorial on how to use this thing on Android?

What problems did you have with the Android app? It should be really straightforward to use.

To get rid of the command prompt start Syncthing with a batch file.

All instructions in Docs -> Start Syncthing Automatically

Or read -help

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