Combination with Dropbox webfolder possible?

Thank you very much for your important work, especially for the FreeBSD version you provide. In FreeBSD at the moment, there is no official support for Dropbox. It would be brilliant if one could include ones own Dropbox-webfolder or any other webfolder from any other cloud service that is located on an outside server as a node in the syncthing network. Is this possible? This has many advantages. Thanks again for your work …

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Sure. I do that with btsync on my server. I haven’t put Syncthing yet on my wife’s computer or phone, so I have a btsync instance on the server to move the shared folder info from her machines to mine. I’ve had an issue with really small text files in that setup, but otherwise it works fine.


I haven’t used Dropbox for a while, but I remember that it maintained a local folder with my files on my machine. I can’t see a reason why you can’t add this folder (or a sub-folder) to a Syncthing repo. It’s worth a try!

For other cloud content, I think the answer is “it depends”. If they establish a local folder, use it like the Dropbox example.

If the cloud service maintains it’s own server and no local folder, I doubt they will grant you permission to install the Syncthing executable at their end and make it your node. On the other hand, if they provide some way to map the remote folders to to a local drive (maybe a virtual drive) - for example WebDav, then maybe you can add the local mapped folders to a Syncthing repo.

Cool idea you have! Please share the results.

Dropbox works fine, i installed dropbox client and syncthing on a server and now i have my shared folders in a syncthing repo available on my other computers without running dropbox client there.

Hmmm, these don’t really answer the question.

Question (paraphrasing): “Is it possible to sync the Dropbox webfolder with syncthing since there is no official support for FreeBSD from dropbox?”

Answer (paraphrasing): “Install the dropbox client alongside syncthing.”

Dropbox doesn’t work on BSD (any of them) so there’s no client available to install.

So … is there a way to sync files in dropbox to a FreeBSD computer using Syncthing that doesn’t require a separate server running non-FreeBSD? That is the one thing I need to have a BSD-only install.

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No,its not possible.