Cluster adding more then one device

hi there i am moving over from Resilio Sync to syncthing and i had an few questions

as i have not looked at the code fully yet i do plan to study the code over time and keep an eye on the git up changes to possibility help with the project int he future.

when you ad more then one device to an folder from one computer would the second device keep track off new changes when my computer eg the main sharing computer is off i was hoping to use this in an office and remote locations sharing all the office files with others but we would also make changes at different times.

i plan to all ways have my mobile online so this will be the computer that is on most off the time and my main desktop will be on and off and my remote locations will be on and off

thanks for your help

Any two devices can only sync when they are both online. Adding a third device (in this case your mobile phone) means that the office computer could sync to your mobile, and then later on the mobile could sync to the remote devices.

Theoretically this would work fine.

However, using a mobile phone as the always on device might lead to weird issues if Android kills the syncthing process to save battery, or you lose data connectivity, or you run out of storage space on your mobile, or something I haven’t even thought of happens. You would be best served by having some sort of always on server that is a bit more reliable than your phone.

I’d suggest trying it for a while and seeing what kind of results you get, and determining if they are acceptable for you.

Depending on how often each device at the office and remote locations are used you might also find that they overlap at times and then will fully sync regardless of what the mobile phone is doing. This would greatly increase your cluster robustness.

Great thank for your reply great works town I had hoped

I have unlimited mobile data on my phone so it should be on at all times mostly we only have about 5gb off important files I would also like to have on my phone as I use them on their from time to time

But I do plan to have an all ways on desktop PC soon in the next few weeks to this will become my sever but its nice to hear it does not matter what device needs to be to later sync things to main office desktop as long as devices get an over lap

If more than one device edits a file before they get a chance to sync, they’ll create conflicts as mentioned in the documentation. It’ll be worth reading through the docs before going live in a business environment.

Also, because of androids filesystem implementation particularities, I do not suggest to use android as an intermediate device, as we had plenty of people report weird things happening when android is involved.

Ok, thank you for your reply I have now chosen to have an all ways one ubuntu or maybe a windows device on at our office to run synching but the cluster first was made on my home desktop so if I set up my all ways on the device now and leave that one as the main sync as I add my office pcs and a few android phones it will all be working as best as it can? I would not think we get many changed to the files at the same time

Sure, but use send only folders, versioning or external backups, as all data safety bets are off once android is involved. As you know syncthing is not a backup tool, so if you (or android) screws something up in one place, suddenly that is replicated everywhere, with no way to recover.

Yer i have made a script to make a backup I just want to use it to sync files between computers and push things off cloud services

Thanks for your warm welcome here your see me around here more and also see somome new at git hub I not choose what name ill use at git hub yet

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