Cloud Storage. Syncthing + EncFS. HowTo.

UK journal “Linux Format” has a two-part article in issues #236 and #237 about using Syncthing and EncFS to implement encrypted file aggregation and off-site storage.

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just a hint, encfs is not considered secure anymore, since 2014, see


Thanks for the hint. Yes, I’ve seen that report and others.

Through the years, I’ve realized “security” is not a binary “yes” or “no”. Everything has weaknesses and strengths. Given any software package, I work to mitigate weaknesses and enjoy the strengths. There are other alternatives to EncFS if the security implementation makes sense in your architecture. &

Yup. Lots of choices for the encryption engine. The overall architecture and dependencies between syncthing and encryption was the challenging part - handling startup sequencing properly and handling cases where one drops off-line for various reasons.

It seems that the newer releases got more attention with respect to security []