Cloned docker container is reset

I just got my first docker container up and running, following the instruction here

I noticed that syncthing has just updated to 1.22.1 so i thought i would try to update it.

The procedure seems to be to downlaod the new image (which i have) and then settings/duplicate.

I started up the new container but everything is reset - there are no shares and it doesnt knwo about the gui password.

I assume my settings are not being saved correctly.

Following the setup instructions i have a /docker/syncthing folder but there is nothing in it - should there be?

Any help would be appeciated. I am a real Docker newb

I should add this is on Synology NAS

I noticed the same. After some research, I’ve now tried to change the mapping of the config folder to /var/syncthing/config instead of just /config. Not fully sure it’s fixed now, but at least now I see files getting stored within the host config folder.

  - /host/path/syncthing/config:/var/syncthing/config/

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