"Clone" my Steam Deck to an other one

I’d like to transfer my everything on the Steam Deck to an other one. Can I do this with Syncthing? Like copy-pasting my user folder.

Do you mean that you want to transfer your files from one device to another or rather that you want to keep them in sync from now on? Also, do you mean just your files or the whole configuration (e.g. program and operating system settings, etc.)? If the latter, then the answer is most likely “no”.

Basically I want to “clone” my deck, without going through the extensive process with Clonezilla.

Syncthing cannot do that.

I mean I want to back up my user folder without an external drive. Will it work if I copy paste the folder onto my new system?

You could try to add the whole user folder on the first device as “Send Only” and share it with the second device, where you then add it as “Receive Only” pointing at the user folder there and see whether everything syncs.

At the end I did it with Clonezilla, actually quite easy, I was just lazy to set it up.

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