clients not connecting on local network

I have setup a private discovery and relay server on a network. Everything appears to be working. I have Syncthing clients on different networks and on the same network. They are all able to send data back and forth.

However, the clients on the LAN appear to be sending data through the relay sever. On the Web Interface, the Address for the Remote Device shows the relay server’s address and port.

I have a local DNS entry and a public DNS entry for and that points to a local IP and a public IP address.

Local Discovery appears to be working but still goes through relay instead of the local IP.

Log shows:

  • discover: Received local announcement from 10.20.1.XXXX:64901 for 73IMOSV-AMSZALN-UXBY7E2-DLOEL6F-IZNPFFF-BPTTHQ5-SWOY4AC-XXXX
  • discover: Registering addresses for 73IMOSV-AMSZALN-UXBY7E2-DLOEL6F-IZNPFFF-BPTTHQ5-SWOY4AC-XXXX
  • discover: Accepted address relay:// verbatim

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

The other side is listening on that relay address so that’s what it announces over local discovery. Perhaps it should also be listening on default or tcp://:22000 or something to allow direct connections.

(Assuming that there aren’t more log lines about further addresses after the ones you mention, obviously.)

Adding tcp://:22000 to the Sync Protocol Listen Addresses worked.

Thank you so much!