"client" nodes do not see eachother while all see "the server" node


I have a strange situation on my nodes and I can not figure out what is going on and how to solve it

I have 4 nodes, (RaspberryPi(@home), Windows Laptop, Android Phone, Linux Desktop(@work)).

All nodes see RaspberryPi (server). Laptop and Phone ONLY see each other.(and the server) Pc only sees the server and none of the other 2.

The PC and RaspberryPi are both connected via LAN while phone and laptop use wifi.

Not sure what I should check or what might cause the issue. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Local firewall blocking the local discovery is the usual culprit. Make sure to allow incoming and outgoing traffic on UDP port 22025-22027.

That’s assuming that the LAN and the Wifi are the same network. If you get addresses from different ranges on the two networks, say 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.y, then local discovery won’t work between them.

One more thing, I connected the Laptop Via LAN cable to the network that PC is on (in hopes that this might shows some good signs) but no luck :frowning:

Also, if PC is windows, make sure that the network type identified by Windows is Home and not Work/Public, as that changes the firewall profile to block multicast communication.

More details:

Raspberry pi “Server” is at home

PC is at work. Laptop is at work too.

Laptop can see the server while using WIFI or LAN connection (at work) PC is connected via LAN and sees the server

PC and Laptop do not see each other. Even if they are both on LAN with same range IP (192.168.1.x 192.168.1.y).

I am puzzled since Laptop and PC both see the server and server sees both of them. To me this means there are no issue on firewall or … BUT pc and laptop can not communicate!!

Any help/guide/trick to investigate more and find the root of issue would be appreciated.

Thank you

Your work probably blocks multicasts on the network, and does not provide UPnP/port forwarding.

You can configure addresses for these devices manually, to work around the issue.

Ok, I did a new experiment to show that it is not related to my work network setup.

I took the laptop home and connected to same network as the server (raspberrypi). laptop and server have same ip range (192.168.1.z/y).

Surprisingly, PC at work still can not communicated with the laptop. To refresh your mind, PC at work is connected to server at home. laptop also is connected to server (It always connects no matter it is on work’s network or home’s network)

Strangely laptop and PC do not see each other (while both see the server).

To Ask my question again, WHY PC sees the server and not the laptop?


Probably because the server has an external port forwarded, and the laptop does not. Also, local discovery can be killed by machines and networks configuration too, hence why local discovery wouldn’t work.

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