Click on the directory to open it in explorer

This is a comment that a friend that I moved from BTsync to syncthing made me.

“in BTsync I could click on the folder that is configure for synchronizing and it would open windows explorer directly in that folder”

do you think it could be possible to change that in the ui ?

BTW this software is really awesone and I’m going to put some dollars in it (even if you don’t have this feature :] )

As you are referring to “explorer” you probably are using Windows. In that case, your friend should have a look at the Native UI wrappers for Syncthing, like Synctrayzor. There you will be able to open the folder in explorer.

As Syncthing is cross plattform, Syncthing would need to be able to open the default file manager in every OS and desktop environment. Therefore it will probably be always something which is left to the native wrappers.

that’s exactly what I was guessing but I wasn’t aware of synctrayzor, I’m going to make him test that right away

Thanks for the help !