Chunks encryption

Hello sir, I am a student. I’ve learned about syncthing and its really interesting. So im exploring on this as it is an open source cloud. I just want to clarify about how chunks are encrypted and where does it take place. Kindly request you to give info about this.

They are not, really. Connections are encrypted.

It was said that files are divided into pieces(Chunks).Can i just know where these pieces are actually placed or where do they exist.

That should be described by the document I linked to - 128 KiB blocks for hashing and transfer purposes.

Is there any interface used during the transmission of these chunks

also it was given like “The blocks list contains the size and hash for each block in the file. Each block represents a 128 KiB slice of the file, except for the last block which may represent a smaller amount of data. The block list is empty for directories and symlinks.” where these blocks exist in cloud. does this process occur statically or dynamically and could we make any kind of changes.

There is no cloud, syncthing is peer to peer, so your laptop to your phone etc, etc. Also it’s not clear what do you mean about interface.

Thank you for the infomation. Please help me in finding out which part of code or the go file chunks the given data content.

You can search for BlockSize in the code, which will show you all places that act on chunks.

please send me the code.Im unable to find it.

Go to

Enter ‘BlockSize’ in the search field (upper right corner), press ‘Enter’.

Thank you so much.

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