chown: /var/syncthing: Operation not permitted

Installing syncthing/syncthing:latest in Docker, mounting a local FTP volume as external volume.

It seems Syncthing is trying to chmod the folder, which of course, being an FTP folder, it isn’t allowed to do. The permissions in FTP is such that it will take care of the permission itself.

How can I tell Syncthing to ignore permissions? I saw a suggestion to create an .stignore file in the folder, but that makes no change. Keep in mind that I can’t access the Syncthing GUI until Syncthing is running, and it won’t start as long as it’s not allowed to change ownership of this folder.

That’s horrifying, if it means what it sounds like.

The docker image stores config and database in /var/syncthing. It’s not going to fly to have that over FTP regardless of what other things you might do.

A normal folder (non-config/database) might work, depending on how renames and such are handled over FTP. Syncthing does lots and lots of random reads and writes though so I don’t expect it to be painless.

If you just mean it’s a normal directory that’s also served over FTP I expect it should work (FTP having nothing to do with it), given the usual permission requirements.

Actually if it was possible to split just the data part out to the FTP volume that’d be perfect, I just only see one volume exportable by Syncthing?

You can add folders as usual in Syncthing, mapping extra volumes wherever you need them.

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