Check whether file has been 'uploaded'?


Is there a way to check whether a particular file which I’ve just edited has been ‘uploaded’ before I shut down the machine I’m working on?

The “Latest Change” entry in the folders list appears to refer to incoming data, not outgoing, and I can’t see anything in the log.

Cheers, John

You can check that the remote device is connected and at 100% completion.

I’m obviously being stupid… if I look at a remote device, it tells me Download Rate, Upload Rate, Address, Version, and Folders. Nothing about completion percentage. How do I see that information?

The completion percentage is only shown when a device is out of sync, which means if you can’t see any progress bars, the devices are in sync.

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pseudo is in sync. ds0 is not.


Everything has already been said above, but please also remember that when using the file watcher, there is a slight delay, i.e. by default 10 seconds for additions and modifications, and 60 seconds for deletions. If you modify and save a file, and then shut the system down immediately, Syncthing will not have enough time to pick up and sync the changes.

OK: so if the local Folder “Last Scan” is later than my modification, and the remote machine says “Up to Date”, then I’m safe?

Thank you all!