Check state of how up to date a folder on "connected node" is


Is there a way for “server” in this image to see if the backup computer has backed up the share complete? As you see it is “up to date” on server, but not on the backup computer. I want to know if connected nodes are “up to date”. Is there any way to do this? So I can know if my offsite backup is working ect (have all files my home-server have).

Is is possible? without port-forward/vpn ect. Out of the box.

You cropped it from the screenshot, but that’s exactly what the right side of the UI “Remote Devices” is for.

I see, so If this was “Up to Date” on the right one, that means all is up to date on the left one?

Yes. You can also click on the devices or folders and then on the out of sync items to get more information about what items haven’t been synced.

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