Charset problem?

I have one pretty weird problem (or bug?) here. I have an Android phone and Ubuntu desktop machine which are two-way synchronizing some directory.

The problem is repruduced like this:

  • On Android I copy some characters to cliboard and then I’m offered to share that clipboard and I use X-Plore to save a file in directory that is shared with desktop machine.
  • Files are synchronized correctly with Ubuntu desktop but they are:
    • unopenable in Krusader
    • openable in Double Commander
    • autocompletion is not working with them when I want to read them with cat from console.
    • file access rights are normal, that is not the problem.
    • when I rename file in Double Commander, it becomes normally readable in Krusader and autocompletion works with it.

I don’t have any other explanation other than some charset mumbo-jumbo that is probably solved by tweaking Syncthing daemon on desktop machine (but how?)

Help please :slight_smile:

I don’t think we can provide much input here unless you show what the files are called and what you’re doing that doesn’t work.

I’m willing to provide any info you request or some debug logs. I don’t say it’s for sure related to Syncthing, but the files are saved by Syncthing, so I was thinking something about creation of those files are making Double Commander capable of viewing them and Krusader incapable, but both programs are running under the same UID. It’s very strange, probably one of the weirdest quirks I saw in my 30-year endeavour with operating systems. One thing I can observe is that I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 and that I also had problems with some files which couldn’t be drag and dropped to Foobar2000 playlist (running under Wine) which solved itself with Wine upgrade to version 8. So my feeling is that it is something about the way filenames are saved to system, not the access rights (even if Krusader says it lacks rights to view file).

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