Changing my mobile device to a new one - what are the best steps to move configuration and files?


I’m changing my mobile device to a new one. My current mobile device is synchronized with my PC only.

I saw the export section in the Android app, but I’m not sure I just need to stop app on the old phone, install on new phone and import settings. At that point the old device that I currently see on the Desktop web app will magically become the new phone?

Otherwise, what are the advised steps to move current app configuration to new phone in order to make everything work as before?

P.s. of course I will first manually copy all files and folders structure from old phone to new phone so that folders name will remain the same.


Export/Import will have the device be “the same device” as the old, so you must make sure that you never start Syncthing on the old device again.

My way of migrating between phones has been to just setup the new phone as a third node in the current configuration and have everything synced over this way. This way all devices work independently from each other. I think, that’s the safest approach.

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